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Why was UPNDW born?

UPNDW, reference point for Traders

UPNDW was born from the desire of traders and pro traders experienced in the sector to create a free environment that can become a reference point for enthusiasts of any level, as characterized by ethics, professionalism and quality of the contents and services offered.

Who writes on UPNDW?

Pro traders and Community

We traders ourselves are tired of the turn that our sector has taken, now populated for the most part by smoke sellers and "fuffaguru" . This is the reason why on UPNDW we have created the figure of the pro trader , ie verified authors who we are sure can transfer knowledge and expertise through their posts.

On UPNDW you will not find posts that offer you magic wands or methods for easy earnings , but content that can help you in personal growth as a trader

In addition to pro traders, there are also community members who write analysis and ideas that you can compare yourself with.

Why use UPNDW?

How UPNDW can help traders?

UPNDW, as written above, is a social network made by Trader for Traders, so inside you can: read analysis and opinions of expert traders (pro traders) in the sector and not, write in global chat to ask for a comparison and give your view interacting with the members of the Community.

In addition to being a social network, however, UPNDW also has a series of tools dedicated to the world of finance: real-time charts of stocks, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies, economic calendar , fundamentals and dividends of the stock market, multi-instrument and multi-frame scanner to identify trends and possible "opportunities" in a semi-automatic way, automatic alerts on the stock market and much more.


Join UPNDW and discover our free services

Our platform consists of multiple services that will help you in your trading and training

Community made by thousands of traders
Pro Traders' analysis
Analysis and comments of what it is happing in realtime by protraders
Public and private groups
Create your own group or join existing groups to speak with the community
Realtime analysis, UPNDW conversations and many other lives...
Charts and Markets
Analyze the quotes in real time through our charts available both on the web and on mobile, with the possibility of adding indicators, saving configurations and setting alarms on lines, rectangles or annotations
Multimarket and multitimeframe scanner
Use the scanner to automatically analyze the trend of various instruments and when they arrive at important points for potential opportunities
UPNDW Alerts
UPNDW's alerts keep you informed about the situation of your favorite markets
Economic calendar and dividends
A complete economic calendar with all the data you need
Are you a beginner? Don't worry. UPNDW collaborates with the best trainers on the market, learn with us.
Impara con loro

Pro Traders

Professionals in the sector who thanks to their analyzes give a real view on the financial markets

Carlo Vallotto
Carlo Vallotto
Metalli Preziosi
Eugenio Sartorelli
Eugenio Sartorelli
Rocket Capital Investement
Eugenio Benetazzo
Eugenio Benetazzo
YouChain S.p.A.
Dylan Marsili
Dylan Marsilii
Bull FX Academy
Massimo Moschella
Massimo Moschella
Analista CPE Trader
Edoardo Burattini
Edoardo Burattini
Volusia Trading
Luca Stellato
Luca Stellato
Option Master Class
Jacopo Marini
Jacopo Marini
Ciclica Evoluta
Paolo Serafini
Paolo Serafini
Salvatore Bilotta
Salvatore Bilotta
Fabio La Rosa
Fabio La Rosa
Mql Suite
Paolo Peisino
Paolo Peisino
Il Trading per tutti

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